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What to Look for in Accounting Services for Small Businesses
September 23, 2021 at 9:30 PM
Image of people working in a coworking space getting help from accounting services for small business.

Whatever your reason for starting a small business, chances are it wasn’t out of love for bookkeeping and tax strategy. But when you launched your company, it probably didn’t take you long to realize handling finances is a significant portion of what it takes to run a business. By only working with a bookkeeper, you’re missing out on many of the benefits of using experienced accounting services for your small business. However, hiring a disreputable or inexperienced accounting firm can be as bad as operating without one entirely. Here’s what to look for in the absolute best accounting services for your small business.

They’re an exceptional communicator

There’s no denying there’s a lot of jargon in business finances and tax law. It’s easy for professionals immersed in accounting to get stuck communicating in lingo-laden shorthand. But great accountants know how important it is for business owners to understand their finances.

Find an accounting service for your small business that you can understand, whether you’re asking a question or reviewing your taxes for the year. Not only will you feel confident you know your company’s financial situation, but you’ll also develop your knowledge base for the future.

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Find an accountant with the services you need

There are plenty of bookkeepers to whom you can give your bills and invoices to balance your accounts. But experienced accountants have financial knowledge and insight that they will leverage into helping your business cut costs and increase profits. Consider the range of services an accounting service for small businesses can provide:

  • Development of systems, procedures, and workflow
  • Creation of operating budgets and financial forecasting
  • Payroll and benefits management for employees

Many business owners take a learn-as-you-go approach to the financial side of their businesses. An accountant can overhaul your current system by eliminating waste and redundancies and establishing procedures to achieve your financial goals.

Find someone with experience in your industry

Good business practices are universal, but an accounting service for small businesses with experience in your field has the benefit of understanding the nuances of your organization. They’ve seen what it takes for a company to succeed and can implement processes they know first-hand are effective at improving your bottom line.

Avoid accountants with these red flags

In the demanding, stressful time while launching your business, you may have rushed to hire an accountant and are now wondering if they’re the best fit for your company. Often, recognizing red flags is easier than finding someone who checks all the boxes of what you need from accounting services for your small business. Keep an eye out for these warning signs you’re not getting your money’s worth from your accountant or bookkeeper:

  • They only balance your books and file taxes but don’t offer insight or guidance regarding your finances.
  • They don’t help you understand your financial statements.
  • They don’t seem to care about your business’s success when you ask for advice.
  • They’re always rushed when you call to ask questions.

A good accountant is more than a bookkeeper; they’re an outsourced CFO who can be instrumental in your business’s success.

Vilardi + Co. provides accounting services for small businesses in NYC.

Vilardi + Co. works with restaurants, hotels, bars, and real estate agencies, providing outsourced number crunching. Besides standard bookkeeping services, we offer advice steeped in experiences for reducing costs by cutting waste and developing plans to seize on profitable opportunities. In industries operating on razor-thin margins, our clients get a comprehensive understanding of their finances to better plan for the future.

Outsource to a mobile CFO, Vilardi + Co., and start planning for greater profitability in the future. Get in touch with experienced accounting services for small businesses when you’re ready for a better way to handle your business’s bookkeeping and accounting.